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La Paz Real Estate and Vacation Rentals

by Amistad Real Estate, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Amistad Real Estate are members of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, otherwise known as AMPI (Asociacion Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios). AMPI Mexico has members across 22 cities in Mexico and has strong links with the National Association of Realtors in the USA, who allow all AMPI members to call themselves Realtors.

Amistad Real Estate and AMPI members are dedicated to the highest level of ethics and professionalism.

We have a beautiful office on the La Paz, Mexico, Malecon where we welcome those who are looking to purchase, sell, rent or have a property managed here in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The La Paz Real Estate and Rental market is constantly changing and here at Amistad Real Estate we pride ourselves in being at the forefront so that we can provide our clients with all of the information necessary to make a success here with us.

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Amistad Real Estate allows you to search all properties for sale listed by AMPI members using the Baja California Sur MLS platform. This gives you the ability to compare and contrast a large range of properties and lots for sale all across Baja California Sur without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

We are on hand to guide you through a search of La Paz Real Estate and once you have selected the properties which you wish to investigate in more detail we are there to show you each and every one of them.

For those of you looking to list and sell Mexican Real Estate, whether it is a home, condominium or a lot here in La Paz, Mexico then we are also on hand to help. We provide a range of services, from pricing evaluations and market updates through to marketing and selling you property in La Paz and to realtors all across Mexico.

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Property Management

Many home owners here in La Paz are what we call "Snow Birds". Living in La Paz in the winter avoiding the cold and rain back at home, and then when the temperatures start to rise in La Paz they move back to the cooler climate in their home town. This means that homes can sit empty for a number of months of the year.

Amistad Real Estate provides a Property Management and/or Rental Management service for owners here in La Paz, Mexico, taking all the hassle and worry about owning a home, giving you the confidence that you will be returning to paradise in La paz just as you left it.

If you are willing to rent your home here in La Paz we turn what could be a burden into a great investment, paying you each time you return to Mexico.

Find our full selection of Vacation and Long Term Rentals in La Paz, BCS, Mexico at La Paz Bay Properties

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For those new to Baja California Sur, it is important to know the different areas and the pros and cons of living in the different areas. We have highlighted a couple below which will give you a taste of La Paz and we welcome you to come talk through with us your plans and we can provide you with even more information and guidance from our Malecon Real Estate office.

City of La Paz

La Paz is a medium sized city with more than 200,000 local residents. The city enjoys one of the highest standards of living and quality of life across Mexico. The city is the capital city for Baja California Sur and with a number of Universities and colleges the city produces a large number of graduates each year helping to develop the city and bring outside investment.

The city also receives a number of tourists each year, looking for a true Mexican experience.

La Paz boasts some of the highest safety records of all Mexican cities, standing on a par with similar sized cities in the USA. The only need most people have for the police is to ask one of the many friendly tourist police for directions or for help crossing a busy road.

The Malecon, or Beach Boardwalk runs for 5km along the coast with restaurants, shops and businesses such as ourselves running along its length, as well as many private residences and hotels. This area is prime real estate due to the fantastic Ocean Bay views and the vicinity to local amenities and thus it is rare to see homes here on the market for long, however for those wishing to live in the heart of the community the popular downtown area extends back for between 5 and 10 blocks, where a number of homes at all price ranges can be found.

Find out more about La Paz, BCS, Mexico and the activities available here at my Living in La Paz Mexico Blog

The Beaches

Driving North along the Malecon road will take you to an area known as The Beaches. This area is exactly what it says, beautiful sandy beach after beach after beach.

The majority of development stops a few kilometers after the Malecon ends, however in this stretch there are a number of beautiful condominium and residential estates. The largest of which is Costa Baja Marina and Resort, boasting a large 5* Hotel, a Marina, a housing estate, a luxury condominium building, many beautiful Villas and fantastic restaurants.

This area is much more tranquil than the heart of the city and with world class beaches at your door step, it is prime real estate at its best, however there is a price premium on homes in this area compared to elsewhere in La Paz. Condominiums and Homes here range from $250,000 US to $3m US.

The very end of this road takes travelers to Balandra Beach, which has fantastic sands and Snorkeling as well as a view over to the "island", Isla Espiritu Santo. Located in this area is the residential Country Club known as Maravia, which plans to build a large golf course and country club on the tip of the Bay.

El Centenario

Since its establishment in the 1960s this small town has grown into a suburb of La Paz with the majority of local residents working in or around the city.

Recent years have seen development of the hillside behind the town due to the fantastic Ocean and Mountain views that can be seen as you look out over the bay and across to the City of La Paz.

This hillside has become a favorite location for many American and Canadian residents living here throughout the year or during the winter months. The most popular of the hillside developments are Haciendas Palo Verde and Lomas Del Centenario. With prices still at a fraction of Ocean View lots and homes closer to the city it is no wonder that this area has seen more interest in recent years.

A number of new malls and supermarkets such as Liverpool, Walmart, Sams Club, Home Depot and more are only 10 minutes drive away along a good quality road, and the airport is under 10 minutes away giving the area local city amenities whilst maintaining the tranquility that brings many visitors to Baja Sur, Mexico.

This area also benefits from a phenomenon known as the Coromuel Wind, which is a steady year round breeze created by the pressure differentiation between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf. This helps to keep a freshness in the air keeping cooling costs lower than elsewhere in the area.

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On our website you can find all Real Estate, whether it be homes, lots, condominiums, listed by an AMPI registered Realtor in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

This gives you the ability to compare a wide variety of real estate, different locations and prices.

There are also homes and lots for sale in all areas of Baja California Sur by individuals and small brokerages.

We continually talk with those in the Real Estate industry here in Baja Sur so that we are aware of other properties that meet your needs and if you have a specific house type or location that you are looking for we are on hand to assist you in the search.

Search Amistad's Selection of Rental Properties

Amistad Real Estate manage and rent a large number of homes and condominiums here in La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico and we have them all here in one place for you to view and compare.

We work tirelessly to make your stay here in La Paz as fantastic as possible, whether you are staying here for just one or two nights, or you wish to rent for a full year.

All of Amistad's rental properties are cleaned straight after each stay and on a regular basis until our next guest arrives, ensuring you can settle in right away. This also allows us to accept bookings right up to the last minute, but don't wait as our units can often be fully booked for months at a time, and we wouldn't want you to miss out.

In the unlikely event that you do not find a property that meets your needs entirely, please get in touch and we will engage with our network of property management companies and home owners here in La Paz, BCS, to find you an alternative place to stay. We are a close knit of property managers and therefore we can save you the time and hassle of sending lots of emails and making many phone calls.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and making your stay here in La Paz at one of our rentals as enjoyable as possible.

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If you seek more information about Real Estate, Vacation or Long Term Rentals or would like to inquire about our Property Management services here in Baja Sur, Mexico, then please call or email us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

The Amistad office is typically open between 9am and 7pm however more often than not we are viewing homes, and meeting clients which means that it is best to call in advance to ensure we will be in the office.